Example menu

  Bushell House Menu - Week 1 of 4       
A daily choice of cereals, grapefruit or prunes, toast etc.
Vegetable LasagneCreamy chicken and mushroom with puff pastry toppingHaddock Fillet with Provencal sauceOven minted lamb chopCod in butter sauceBeef and vegetable pie and mixed vegRoast chicken with roast potatoes and fresh vegetables
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Steamed plaice fillets with lemon and parsley sauceGammon and eggRoast beef and horseradish saladHam and tomato omeletteCumberland sausage with cranberry sauce and gravyCannelloni filled with cottage cheese and spinach with garlic bread
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new potatoes, braised leeks and cauliflowerSaute potatoes, baton parsnips and garden peasColcannon potatoes,, broccoli florets, sliced carrotsDauphinoise potatoes, Brussels sprouts and diced swedeChips and garden peas
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Rice puddingApple and toffee crumble with custard Banana SplitGinger sponge with custardBrandy baskets with ice cream and fruits of the forestRum and raisin steamed pudding and custardRed cherry cheesecake with fresh cream
Lentil SoupCarrot and corriander soupChicken soupSweet potato and spring onion soupLeek soupVegetable soupPea and fresh mint soup
Choice of sandwichChoice of sandwichChoice of sandwichChoice of sandwichChoice of sandwichChoice of sandwichChoice of sandwich
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Scrambled egg and grilled tomato on toastCod goujons with curly fries and tossed saladButter Pie with beetrootChicken goujons with crisscross potatoesCauliflower cheese with toasted herb rollJacket potato with a selection of fillings - cheese, tuna or baked beansBacon barmcake with tomato ketchup or brown sauce
Jam Tart with whipped creamFruit yoghurtMalt loafRaspberry jelly with whipped creamPeach custardApple turnover with ice creamFruit and cream