The Way we Were

Isobel Hamid came to Bushell House to give an entertaining view down Memory Lane for the residents.  Bringing with her photos, articles of clothing and other memorabilia of times past we relived the days of childhood and schooling, wartime shortages and rationing, food items and advertising slogans, holidays, and what was worn in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Happy birthday

Mrs McQuiggan celebrated her birthday in style today with wine and cake at lunchtime.  Staff and residents joined in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to wish her a very happy day.

17th October 2011 – ‘Dinosaurs come to Bushell House’

Bushell House is old but not old enough to have seen Dinosaurs – until today!  Children from  Oliverson’s School have been making wonderful dinosaur heads and were kind enough not only to start their ‘Dinosaur Stomp’ through the gardens at Bushell House but also to send a selection of dinosaurs in to our dining room so residents could see them before they set off round the village. The children visited residents in their rooms as well and we were all amazed at the assortment of Emmaosaurus, Finleyosaurus, Tomosaurus, Rachelosaurus …. who live in Goosnargh today!

14th October 2011 – Music in Bushell House

Gerald Mack came today to play a selection of musical numbers for the residents while they had their morning coffee.  As usual he played the requests from residents made at his previous visit as well as a varied selection of his own and the music was greatly enjoyed.

13th October 2011 – ‘Blackpool Illuminations’

Leaving Bushell House at 5.00pm a mini-bus took residents and staff to Blackpool to see the Illuminations.  We stopped for a delicious fish and chip supper at Bispham before driving slowly down the front.  Luckily it was a clear night and we were able to see the lights in all their glory!  We arrived back at Bushell House by 8.30pm ready for a cup of tea and having had a very enjoyable evening.

12th October 2011 – ‘A Musical Hour’

Kevin Bargen came to entertain us by playing the harmonica, melodeon and guitar.  He played and sang a great mixture of popular folk and traditional songs for us to sing along to as well as less well known ones and provided us with a very enjoyable Musical Hour.

5th October 2011 – ‘The Chorley Pals’

Steve Williams came to give a very interesting talk on the formation of the First World War group of soldiers known as the ‘Chorley Pals’ who formed part of the well known ‘Accrington Pals’ brigade.  The fate of these men was documented by Mr Williams using photos and newspaper articles from the time and also modern television footage of the battlefields and war cemeteries today.

28th September 2011 – Shopping in Deepdale

Some residents came to Deepdale Retail Park to stock up with things from the likes of Marks and Spencer, Boots and WHSmiths or just to enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe.  We were back at Bushell House in time for lunch.

21st September 2011 -‘Spellbound Productions’

On Wednesday we were entertained by Gordon and Anne with more of their marvellous short films.  This time they showed us the Fylde area and it’s customs, the Lake District and a 2 minute short film of Swiss flowers.  It was an absorbing hour – being taken to areas, some familiar, some less so and seeing traditional pastimes still upheld – that passed too quickly.

16th September 2011 – The Islands of St Kilda

Hugh Barton came and gave a very interesting talk with slides about the remote Hebridean archipelago of St Kilda.  The  slides showed the remote and rocky islands, their terrain, uniquely evolved  flora, bird and animal life and the evidence of centuries of human habitation in the most desolate of landscapes.  It was a fascinating hour for us all.