10th June 2011 – Goosnargh Oliverson Y2 at Bushell House

The year 2 children from Oliverson’s school came with a fabulous model of Goosnargh which they had made themselves.  It was so large that it needed 4 adults to carry it across.  The details were superb and the children took great pride in showing the residents which buildings they had each done.  Bushell House was looking very splendid next to the church. Some of the residents who had grown up in Goosnargh were there to tell the children how Goosnargh had changed over recent times.

8th June 2011 – ‘Brief History of British Sea Songs’

Derek Gifford came to give us a spirited rendition of how the British sea song evolved.  Many of the songs had developed as a way of keeping time while hauling on ropes or bringing in the sails which was an aspect many of us had not considered. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational lecture.

1st June 2011 – ‘North Country Folk Lore’

Peter Watson came today to give a fascinating insight into the myth and superstition of the past.  He showed us examples of ‘Witch bottles’ used in old times to keep witches at bay,  gave us an idea of some of the ‘remedies’ used by north country folk to cure illness and deformity and told of the love potions sold to ensure true love!

18th May 2011 – ‘Trip to Barton Grange’

A mini bus came to take residents and staff to Barton Grange Garden Centre.  After walking round the garden centre and being amazed at the range and spectacle of some of the plants there we met in the cafe for a welcome cup of coffee before coming back to Bushell House in time for lunch.

13th May 2011 – ‘Music in Bushell House’

Gerald Mack very kindly came to play the keyboard in the library at Bushell House. He entertained us all for an hour playing a medley of different tunes including classical, jazz, big band, hymns,  musicals and popular songs.  Gerald will be coming on a regular basis and will play music requested by residents.

7th May 2011 – ‘Sponsored Walk’

The ‘Friends of Bushell House’ organised a Sponsored Walk to raise funds for the Bushell House Amenities Fund and the Summerhouse Project.  There was a choice of length of walk, an amble of 2 miles or a longer walk of 7 miles, both starting and finishing at Bushell House where refreshments were provided.  Sponsor forms were given to all participants and a marvellous sum was raised. The day was much enjoyed by all who took part.

29th April 2011 – ‘The Royal Wedding’

Bushell House celebrated the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in style!  Bunting, flags and balloons decorated the house, champagne was served after the service which was watched in the Drawing Room by many of the residents.  A special lunch menu was served and the day enjoyed by all.

20th April 2011 – ‘Decorate a Cake for Easter’

Sharon Humphries came to Bushell House today to give an entertaining and inspiring demonstration of how to decorate a cake for Easter.  The cake was chocolate and she bought with her several different types of chocolate for us to taste, from the very cocoa rich dark chocolate through to white chocolate.  With amazing skill she made flowers, an Easter bunny and a car for him to sit in out of sugar paste and more chocolate.  The finished result was a triumph and was one of the prizes in the Bushell House Easter Raffle.

13th April 2011 – ‘Travels in China’

Mr Ken Geddes came to give a fascinating lecture with slides on his travels to the less well known areas of China. We saw photos taken during his journeys by train of towns and villages not on the normal tourist routes which gave a marvellous insight into everyday life in China today.

‘Greeting Cards’

Gaynor Balshaw came to show us how to make greeting cards.  She bought with her the materials we needed to make a card each and showed us just what to do to make a thoroughly professional looking card which we can send to friends with pride in our work!