24th August 2011 – ‘Patchwork and Quilting’

Margaret Molloy very kindly came to give a talk on the development of patchwork and quilting and the different styles that can be achieved.  She bought with her the most wonderful collection of quilts and sample pieces.  Some quilts were antique ones to show early forms of the art and there were also pieces of her own work that were quite beautiful to see.  We were all very impressed with the enormous amount of skill and imagination shown in creating the pieces.

17th August 2011 – ‘The Island of Sicily’

Ken Geddes came this morning to show a collection of slides taken on the Island of Sicily.  They showed us a marvellous impression of an island of contrasts, with ancient ruins, mediaeval churches, wonderful natural scenery and flowers all overlooked by the volcano, Mt Etna.

5th August 2011 – Card making

Gaynor Balshaw came this afternoon to assist the residents in making greeting cards. There was a choice of designs, 3D effects were possible using sticky squares and with glue and sprinkles the flowers looked to have real pollen. The end result was very pleasing and professional looking!

5th August 2011 – Music in Bushell House

Gerald Mack came today to play a selection of musical numbers for the residents while they had their morning coffee.  As usual he managed to play the requests from residents made at his previous visit as well as a varied selection of his own and the music was greatly enjoyed.

3rd August 2011 – ‘Traditional Story Telling’

Sue Allonby came to give her spirited rendition of some very old stories, including the monkey who looked for trouble and how you get what you wish for!  It was a reminder of how stories would have been told to groups long before television, radio and even books and very enjoyable to both watch and listen to.

20th July 2011 – ‘Butterfly House, Lancaster’

A party of residents and staff  went in a minibus to Williamson’s Park in Lancaster to look around the Butterfly House.  Once there we enjoyed looking at the exotic species of butterfly and caterpillars and also toured the separate buildings housing birds, insects and reptiles.  After a picnic lunch we went on a mystery tour which took us to Glasson Dock and the smoke house then back across the Fylde to Bushell House in time for a cup of tea.

13th July 2011 – Goosnargh Oliverson’s School Play

On Wednesday 13th July several residents went across to Goosnargh Oliverson’s School to watch the Year 6 production of ‘Robin Hood’.  It was an excellent interpretation of the story and the packed audience laughed at the antics of the Merry Men as they outwitted the Sheriff of Nottingham in time honoured fashion.  The production was well acted with beautifully made costumes and we all enjoyed the afternoon.

29th June 2011 – ‘Balloon Modelling’

Daniel McCullough kindly came today to give a demonstration of his skill at modelling balloons.  With extraordinary speed he was able to make bouquets of flowers, crowns bedecked with jewels, footballers in the appropriate colour strip and love hearts to amuse and entertain us all.

10th June 2011 – Goosnargh Oliverson Y2 at Bushell House

The year 2 children from Oliverson’s school came with a fabulous model of Goosnargh which they had made themselves.  It was so large that it needed 4 adults to carry it across.  The details were superb and the children took great pride in showing the residents which buildings they had each done.  Bushell House was looking very splendid next to the church. Some of the residents who had grown up in Goosnargh were there to tell the children how Goosnargh had changed over recent times.

8th June 2011 – ‘Brief History of British Sea Songs’

Derek Gifford came to give us a spirited rendition of how the British sea song evolved.  Many of the songs had developed as a way of keeping time while hauling on ropes or bringing in the sails which was an aspect many of us had not considered. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational lecture.