Wine Tasting 24 July

Some of our residents sampling a variety of different wines at our blind wine tasting this afternoon. The residents had to guess the grape variety and the country it was produced. They also tried different types of bread to clean their palates between each wine. Once all the wines had been tasted they then chose which was their overall favourite.

Exercises 23 July

We had a busy day today with a physical exercise class accompanied by some of our favourite tunes in the morning, followed by an afternoon of games taxing our mental agility! There was a lot of laughter on both occasions.

Decoupage 15 July

Artistic talent came to the fore when we covered wooden hangers with pretty patterned paper. Although a bit messy at times! the end result was lovely and we all agreed it is something to do again.

Songs of Praise

Songs of praise were sung in the Drawing Room bringing much enjoyment to all present. Each resident nominated their favourite hymn and Mrs Roberts very kindly played the piano while we sang them. There were too many to do in one go so we will be singing the other half on Tuesday. As one resident said at the end, and echoed by others, it was a very uplifting experience.

Kisizi hospital in Uganda

These garments have been knitted by residents and will be sent out to Kisizi hospital in Uganda by Elaine Kirkham and her friend Sandra, who, before lockdown, would come and knit with us. We look forward to seeing them again.

Nellie and Frank

New residents at Bushell House.
With lockdown taking place, we have been reduced to making new friends!
Residents together with their entry for the Goosnargh and Whittington Whitsuntide festival this year. ‘Nellie and Frank’ will be outside, enjoying the sunshine, by Friday – ready for their big day.

Ascention Day

Two of our residents organised an Ascension Day service for us all this afternoon.
Other residents did bible readings, the collect and played the piano for us as we sang. It was a lovely service and we would like to thank everyone that took part. At the end the residents said thank you to each and everyone of us at Bushells and all clapped

Ascension Day at Bushell House

Poetry Afternoon

The residents had a poetry reading afternoon, as well as reading out old favourites the residents were invited to bring a piece of poetry they had written themselves. Here are three for you to read and enjoy.

An ode to Bushell House
A tale of Bushell House
An old lady at Bushells

Face Masks

Thank you to all the wonderful people that have made face masks for us. There are too many to name individually. The different colours and patterns have become a real talking point with all the residents. We really appreciate all the hard work and time that has gone into making them.

Sports Day April 29

The residents enjoyed their sports day today. There were 4 events – javelin, curling, target practice and bowls. We had a fabulous afternoon and lots of laughs.
We would like to thank Goosnargh Oliverson’s for the loan of the equipment.

Bushell house sports day