Clay modelling 15 April

A huge thank you to Eryl for for kindly bringing clay for the residents, it was very thoughtful. We had a lovely afternoon making some very interesting pieces.

clay modelling bushell house
clay modelling bushell house

Chocoalte Tasting 11 April

The residents chocolate tasting on Easter Saturday.

These are a few of the different types of chocolate that we tried during our tasting this afternoon. 85% cocoa, 70% cocoa, which were rather bitter. The Ginger 60%, Raspberry, orange and almond 47% cocoa and Butterscotch milk 30% were very nice but the Venezuelan single bean was by far everyone’s favourite. They were all delicious and enjoyed by all.

bushell house chocolate tasting

Easter Day Table Decorations 12 April

The Easter table decorations were absolutely beautiful. You all did an amazing job.

Easter Table Decorations 7 April

The residents making table decorations for Easter Can’t wait to see them when they are finished.

Easter Card making 1 April

The residents had a lovely afternoon making Easter cards for family and friends.

Cheese and bread tasting

The residents tried a variety of cheeses and breads from around the world. Some they had never tasted before. Thank you Laura

Garstang Ukulele Group 4 March

A big thank you to Garstang Ukulele Group for such a fabulous morning. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to your next visit.

For the Love of Uganda

Ann Moore came today to give a presentation on her work as a nurse in the special care baby unit and the School of Nursing at Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda.

Eryl Fryer Clay modelling

We all tried our hand at modelling clay this afternoon. Eryl Fryer came in to show us what to do and we had a most enjoyable afternoon.

Spellbound Productions

Spellbound Productions came in this afternoon to entertain us with their varied film shows of ‘Home and Away’