Making Bookmarks 16 April

We had a lovely afternoon making bookmarks. We had so much fun and the end results were fabulous.

Knitted Items for Uganda

These have been knitted by residents and will be sent out to Uganda by Elaine and her friend Sandra, who, before lockdown, would come and knit with us.

Knitted items for Uganda

Easter Table Decorations 30 March

Some of our residents busy making table decorations for Easter. Don’t they look lovely.

Easter Table Decorations
Easter Table Decorations

Easter Wreaths

Some of our residents making Easter wreaths for their doors and around the house. They look lovely.

Easter Wreaths
Easter Wreaths

Trinket Boxes 12 March

The residents were decorating trinket boxes today. They spent the afternoon painting and decorating them and they look fabulous.

Decorating Trinket Boxes
Our finished Trinket Boxes

Easter Eggs

We covered eggs with pretty patterned paper ready for our Easter Display. It was a little messy but lots of fun.

Decorating Easter Eggs

St David’s Day

Some of our residents making welsh cakes for tea and the tables set for St David’s Day. The welsh cakes tasted delicious.

St David's Day Celebrations
St David's Day Celebrations at Bushell House

Valentines Day

Making cards for our loved ones.

Valentines Day

100th Birthday Celebrations

100th Birthday Celebrations. We all had a lovely Afternoon Tea Party to celebrate the occasion. Happy 100th Birthday.

100th Birthday Celebrations

Burns Day

Some of our residents celebrating Burns Day. The afternoon started with Haggis tasting followed by Scottish music and a quiz. It was quite a hoot.

Burns Night at Bushell House

Haggis tasting at Bushell House