Cheese and Wine Blind Tasting 9 Sept

This afternoon, we decided to try a blind cheese and wine tasting. We provided a selection of seven different cheeses and three types of wine. The cheeses were numbered only and our residents were invited to try to identify them by their look and taste. The wine labels were covered and were to be matched to one of a choice of three countries of origin. After a lot of laughter (and some screwed up faces-goats cheese was not a favourite!), we finally revealed the types of the cheeses and which country each wine was from. Everyone was surprised by what some of the cheeses actually were compared with their guesses and we had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Cheese and wine tasting
Cheese and wine tasting
Cheese and wine tasting

Dominoes 5 Aug

Some of our residents enjoying a game of dominoes this morning. We have lots of fun bur it can get very competitive at times.


Chocolate Tasting 8 July

Photos from our chocolate tasting on Word Chocolate Day. The residents chose their favourites which was difficult as they all tasted delicious.

Cheese and wine blind tasting
Cheese and wine blind tasting
Cheese and wine blind tasting
cheese and wine blind tasting

Founders Day Celebration 7 June

Bushell House Founders Day Celebration. The service was conducted via Zoom and attended via video link by the Trustees. Rev’d Steven Cooper did a fantastic job of leading the service from St Mary’s Church Goosnargh. The Chairman and vice chairman gave a heartfelt speech and together we raised a glass of sherry in thanks to our founder Dr William Bushell. The service was followed by a delicious buffet lunch prepared by our chefs. Thank you to everyone involved for making it a very special day.

bushell house founders day

Bushell House Founders Day

Making and Decorating Windmills

The residents have been busy making and decorating windmills to enhance our beautiful gardens. They look really pretty especially when the wind is blowing.

windmills for the garden
windmills for the garden

Making Scarecrows 27 May

We are busy getting the scarecrows ready for the Goosnargh and Whittingham Festival. All hands to the deck.

making scarecrows for the Goosnargh and Whittingham Festival

Making scarecrows for the Goosnargh and Whittingham Festival

Goosnargh Cakes 7 May

Some of our residents got a little messy making Goosnargh Cakes today. They made enough for everyone to try and they tasted delicious.

Making Goosnargh Cakes
making Goosnargh cakes
making Goosnargh cakes

Pencil Pots 16 May

We spent a lovely afternoon making pencil pots. It was a little messy but enjoyable.

decorating pencil pots

Decorating pencil pots

Our Knitting Group 6 May

These have been knitted by our residents knitting group and will be sent out to Uganda by Elaine and her friend Sandra, who, before lockdown, would come and knit with us.

Bushell House knitting group

Sun Catchers 23 April

We were making sun catchers today they look fabulous with the sun shining through the windows.

Sun catchers