New Years Eve Celebrations 2021

New Years Eve Celebrations. We have enjoyed games, quizzes and a glass of sherry, followed by afternoon tea. Happy new year from all the residents and staff.

The residents all ready for new year celebrations
The residents enjoying a quiz and a glass of sherry on new years eve celebrations
The residents New year celebrations at Bushell House games and quizzes
The Dining Room for our New Year celebrations
Residents enjoying new year celebrations with afternoon tea
The residents having afternoon tea for new years eve celebrations

Merry Christmas 25 Dec

Merry Christmas from all the residents and staff at Bushell House 2021

Making Floral Table Decorations Dec 24

We have been keeping ourselves busy this week at Bushell House. These are some of the floral table decorations that we have made for Christmas which we have put on the tables in the dining room.

The residents making floral table decorations
The residents busy making floral table decorations
one of our residents floral table decoration
one of our residents floral table decoration
one of residents with their floral decoration she made
one of our residents with there finished floral decoration

Baking Day at Bushell House Dec 23

Baking day at Bushell House. Some of our residents making mince pies for everyone. They looked amazing and tasted delicious. Thank you

our residents baking mince pies
residents baking mince pies
one of our residents making mince pies
one of residents making mice pies

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations Dec 22

We had a relaxing morning painting our salt dough Christmas decorations. They look fantastic.

residents painting their salt dough Christmas decorations
some of the residents painting their Christmas decorations

Making Bird Seed Cakes Dec 17

We are making bird seed cakes it was a little messy but thoroughly enjoyable and I am sure the birds will love them.

Our residents making bird seed cakes
some of our residents making bird seed cakes

Making Christmas Cards 8 December

Our residents making Christmas cards for family and friends whilst having friendly chat and a cup of tea. They look amazing and whoever receives one of these cards will be over the moon.

one of our residents making Christmas cards
One of residents showing her lovely 
 finished Christmas card
One of our residents showing her finished Christmas cards
making Christmas Cards for family and friends
making Cards for Christmas 2021
One of our residents with her four Charistmas cards
today I made Christmas cards at Bushell House

hand painting silk scarves

The residents hand painted silk scarves and handkerchiefs for themselves, relatives and some for our Christmas raffle. They look amazing.

Silk scarf painting
painting silk scarves today at Bushells
our silk scarves look beautiful
painting silk scarves for relatives and friends

Bushell House Carnival 26 Nov

Bushell House Carnival. The residents and staff had a ball, there was lots of laughter and we all had so much fun. These are some of the games we played – hook the duck, magnetic fish, hoop toss, tin can alley and splat the rat and we couldn’t have a carnival without carnival snacks. Thank you Katie for a fabulous afternoon.

One of the residents playing hoop toss
one of our residents playing magnetic fish
another one of our residents playing hoop toss
another one of our residents p;laying magnetic fish
one of our residents playing splat the rat
one of our residents playing hook the duck

Remembrance Service

Some of our residents who attended the Remembrance Service here at Bushell House. It was a lovely service and we would all like to say a big thank you to all the residents who organised the service..

all our residents at the remembrance service held at Bushell House